"You are an inspiring force of nature!"

"Rhonda's workshop was amazing. SHE was amazing. I had such a great day. Rhonda had everything so well organized and is a fantastic teacher. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"   Hana M.

"Thank you so much for a great workshop yesterday. I learned so much about the techniques of encaustic painting, but most of all I regained a somewhat lagging inspiration for art. It was great to participate in your workshop with other inspiring artists. I am looking forward to the next one!"  Carol M.

"I want to express how much I enjoyed the class...and especially meeting and spending the day with Rhonda. I will definitely recommend her workshops to others."  Suzanne Y.

"Thank you so much for yesterday’s workshop – it was amazing! You are an enthusiastic and excellent teacher, and I learned a lot. You are an inspiring force of nature!"  Jo M.

"Rhonda's demonstrations were very thorough, and she always gave multiple suggestions on how things could be accomplished, and what to be careful about. She was continually available to give advice and to critique and/or correct our technique. Rhonda provided a great deal of materials: markers, stamps etc. The goody bags were great fun, with multiple choices for the collage project.  All appreciated! Even at the end of the day when we were beginning to tire, Rhonda remained supportive, helpful and full of more suggestions."  Sheri B.

"Rhonda did a fantastic job of covering a vast array of techniques, information on safety, supplies, and so much more. I loved everything that she shared with the class. It was a lot of information, but she made it easy to take in. The handouts that Rhonda provided are fantastic resources and refreshers for all that she taught. It was great that she paused here and there to ask if there were any questions, and I love that she took time to work with each person using the torch."  Christel T.

"Thank you Rhonda for a fabulous encaustic workshop today! What an intriguing medium. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the great group of creative minds!"  Andrea A.

"My sister and I really enjoyed your workshop this past weekend.  She was so inspired that she is now actively looking for a drawing workshop to brush up on her skills.  I thought your class was great."  Shirley L.
"I had so much fun getting out of my comfort zone.  . . I'm ready to paint again !!"  Candice S.
"Thank YOU for a wonderful class! I really enjoyed it. The spackling technique was interesting and working with the inks was great. I liked that the inks would pool in the cracks and that you could toast the top like a marshmallow! "  J. Mann
"Your patient, masterful introduction to working in hot wax opened a door to a new world for me.  I can hardly wait to integrate encaustic textures with my photography.  Thanks again!"  Bob P.