Thinking out loud about journaling vs. blogging

I've always journaled...  it helps me clear the clutter in my thinking, clarify what's bugging me, and ground me in gratitude... so at first I thought that journaling was the old-school version of blogging. But it is critically different journals are private, never shared except in small excerpts, or perhaps reconstituted into a dialogue days or weeks later.  My journal holds pages of gushing enthusiasms, borderline-psychotic rants, dark despairs, overwhelming gratitude for my life, mildly embarassing anecdotes, pointed and not-kind judgments, as well as a chronicle of events and thoughts that are often boring, even to me.  I don't edit my journaling - occasionally crossing out a word that didn't quite convey my thought is the extent of any editing I do.  But in writing this blog, I've already started editing, re-reading, checking for clarity of thought, flow of language.   I'm already well aware that what I write here is no longer mine once I click "Post".  Even if no one reads this, once my words cross the border from my computer to the internet, they are no longer in my sphere of control and they have the potential to take on a life that I can only dimly envision.   And yet, I am a writer and a talker and I love nothing more than a dialogue and a sharing of ideas and enthusiasms, and I can see the possibilities that blogging brings to connecting disparate and geographically distant people.  That appeals to me.  So here it is:  my first blog.