Curiosity & learning at a batik & marbling workshop

Curiosity continually motivates me and directs my life, and I could easily be a professional "student" - learning simply for the sake of learning.  But now that I am teaching encaustic painting workshops, I find myself drawn to techniques and skills that not only can be used to enhance my own work, but can also be passed on to my students.   

And so I was delighted to attend a 2-day "Marbling & Batik on Fabric" workshop, co-hosted and taught by textile artist, Lynda Brothers and Indonesian Master Batik artist, Ferril Nawir.  They make a terrific teaching team:  knowledgeable, supportive, fun, enthusiastic, helpful, endlessly patient and so experienced that no matter what difficulties I got into (generally from trying to combine every technique they taught into one piece), they were able to help me recover.

The two sample pieces below incorporate traditional batik, direct dye painting, pen and ink, marbling and stencils.   (Note that there are white "patches" that will disappear once the pieces have been steamed-cleaned.)


I am completely entranced with the possibilities of these two very different, but very complementary techniques - and I am already experimenting with incorporating them into my encaustic works.   I am deeply grateful to Lynda and Ferril for sharing their knowledge!  If you get an opportunity, attend one of their workshops!  

Click on the links to see their work:  Lynda Brothers  and  Ferril Nawir